Step by Step Data Input Process

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For a smooth use of the software please follow the following data input process. These processes will make your software organized to data manipulation. You must follow these data input sequence.

  1. Login to System using default user credentials: Email: Password: 123456
  2. Set your Brand General/Global Setting from Left Menu->Administrator->General Setting
  3. Create School as per your needs/requirements. Left Menu->Administrator->Manage School
  4. Create Academic Year as per your school requirements. Left Menu->Administrator->Academic Year
  5. Create/Input Designation data for Manage employees. Left Menu->Human Resource->Designation
  6. Create/Input Salary Grade data for Manage Payroll/Employee. Left Menu->Payroll->Salary Grade
  7. Create/Input Employees data as per your School requirements and for create school admin. Left Menu->Human Resources->Employees
  8. Create/Input Teachers’ data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Teacher
  9. Create/Input Class data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Class
  10. Create/Input Section data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Section->Class
  11. Create/Input Subject data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Subject->Class
  12. Create/Input Syllabus data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Syllabus->Class
  13. Create/Input Class Routine data as per your Class & School requirements. Left Menu->Class Routine->Class
  14. Create/Input Student Type data to create students. Left Menu->Student->Student Type
  15. Create/Input Discount data as per your School requirements. Left Menu->Accounting->Discount
  16. Create/Input Guardian data before input Student data. Left Menu->Guardian
  17. Create/Input Student data. Left Menu->Student->Student Class
  18. Manage Student/Teacher/Employee AttendanceLeft Menu->Attendance->Student Attendance/ Teacher Attendance/ Employee Attendance
  19. Create/Input Assignment data for the student. Left Menu->Assignment {Class Wise}
  20. Create/Input Exam Grade data as per School requirements. Left Menu->Exam->Exam Grade
  21. Create/Input Exam Term data as per School requirements. Left Menu->Exam->Exam Term
  22. Create/Input Exam Schedule data. Left Menu->Exam Schedule->Class
  23. Create/Input Exam Suggestion data. Left Menu->Exam Suggestion->Class
  24. Create/Input Exam Attendance data. Left Menu->Exam Attendance
  25. Manage Exam Mark data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Manage Mark
  26. Manage Exam Term Result data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Term Result
  27. Manage Exam Final Result data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Final Result
  28. Manage Exam Merit List data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Exam Merit List
  29. Manage Exam Mark Sheet data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Student Mark Sheet
  30. Manage Student Result Card data. Left Menu->Exam Mark->Student Result Card
  31. Process Student Promotion to the next class after process all the above data. Left Menu->Promotion
  32. Create/Input Certificate Type data. Left Menu->Certificate->Certificate Type
  33. Generate a Certificate for a student. Left Menu->Generate Certificate Then filter and Generate a Certificate and print
  34. Create/Input/Process Salary Payment data for Employee/Teacher. Left Menu->Payroll->Salary Payment Then filter employee/teacher and put payment
  35. Create/Input Fee Type data for Manage class wise Student Fee. Left Menu->Accounting->Fee Type
  36. Create/Input data to collect student fees. Left Menu->Accounting->Fee Collection [Admission Fee/ Monthly Tuition Fee/ Hostel Fee/ Transport Fee etc]
  37. Create/Input Expenditure Head data for Manage Expenditure. Left Menu->Accounting->Expenditure Head/Expenditure
  38. Create/Input Invoice data to manage/collect all kinds of Payment from the student. Left Menu->Accounting->Create Invoice
  39. After Create/Input Employee/ Teacher/ Guardian & Student data please activate them to login. Left Menu->Administrator->Manage User, Then filter User and activate them
  40. Manage Fronted Website Basic Info. Please fill out all data in school information Left Menu->Administrator->manage school
  41. For Manage Fronted Slider data. Please input/manage Slider Left Menu->Fronted->Manage Slider
  42. For Manage Fronted Welcome/About data. Please update Left Menu->Fronted->Fronted About
  43. For Manage Fronted Events data. Please manage events Left Menu->Events
  44. Manage Fronted News data. Please manage news Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage News
  45. For Manage Fronted Notice data. Please manage Notice Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage Notice
  46. For Manage Fronted Holiday data. Please manage Holiday Left Menu-> Announcement ->Manage Holiday
  47. For Manage Fronted Gallery data. Please manage Gallery Left Menu-> Media Gallery ->Manage Gallery and Image
  48. You are done with the main feature.
  49. Good Luck!!!
  50. Thank you.
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