Pakistan is one of the utmost strategically situated countries in the world today with more than 210 million inhabitants. Pakistan is appreciated as a promising developing economy with immense potential.

Retail & Wholesale

The retail and wholesale industry is categorized by different kind of businesses, and PITS provides the best point of sale for your retail and wholesale businesses. 


A Complete Hospital Management system specifically designed for small, medium, and large scales such as hospitals, clinics and Healthcare industry.


A Complete Education Management system specially designed for schools, colleges, and universities for small, medium, and large scales industry.

Travel & Hospitality

A powerful management system designed specifically for travel, hotels and restaurants for small, medium, and large scales industry.


A complete enterprises resource planner system specifically created for small, medium, and large scales manufacturing industry.

Public Sector

PITS deals in the public sector organizations such as hospitals, educations, sports, government institutions, and administrations department.