Our Products

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PITS provides best-branded SMS and email services in the world. We’ll change your email advertising into bulk SMS marketing because it’s time-efficient, user-friendly and easy to adopt and provides high ROI.

Point Of Sale

The world is moving faster into a booming technological age, the place where we bring out customers and makes everything easier. Point of sale systems are fast fetching the technology of best, and here’s why.   

Digital Agent Tracking System

DigiATS Tracker is designed to help you track your employees’ productivity by attainment complete transparency of their activities. Ready to use DigiATS App that will re-charge your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Hospital Management System

The Hospital management system has revolutionized in the field of medicine. In this speedy world of medicine, it is an overwhelming task be able to perform a multi-speciality hospital. HMS is an off-line or online system that helps to handle the operations of the hospital or any health set up.

Enterprise Resource Planner

ERP centralizes all the information in your organization, and by doing this, you can streamline the flow of information. All your business processes become connected end-to-end, and you have a single view of your customer so that you can provide better service. Your team works more efficiently because they have the information they need when they need it.


Issued a Positive SSL Certificate offers a quick, economical solution to secure your customer businesses. More essentially, your customers are guaranteed that it is safe with you to do businesses because sensitive data is encrypted and remains private.

Tutor Sign

Our tutors are professors, teachers, PhD students, and industry professionals, who are all expert in their areas of expertise and keenly interested in helping students learn.

Form Lord

Get all HTML form fields & advance fields (like date picker, rating, text-editor, range picker and more) to build any type of forms and many inbuilt validations for validating user data.

Education Management System  

Technology growing rapidly in the education sector, the more technology advances the more benefits it provides to students at every level of education.

 Recruitment Manager

A Recruitment Manager System manages an organization’s staffing operations and recruiting process from start to finish. The core tasks of an RM are the applicant tracking system (ATS), helps to establish and manage dealings with candidates and clients.